User Comments & Reviews

User Comments & Reviews

User Comments & Reviews

User Comments & Reviews

See also “What Others Have Said” about our custom 700 Hz K3 Filter.


brilliant simple ingenious easy clever professional
Jörg Tack ( Joe ), DF7TH

“I like the ap­pear­ance of the as­sem­bled IMA.  A su­perb qual­i­ty, neat look­ing art work.
Well done …”

Pete Norman, GØPKS

“… a great bit of en­gi­neer­ing; … neat de­sign …”

“Swap­ping [mi­cro­phones] is as simple as re­mov­ing a side pan­el from the K2, mov­ing some jump­ers around AND THAT’S IT!!”

“… in­gen­ious, it neat­ly solves a dif­fi­cult prob­lem, … and the doc­u­men­ta­tion … is su­perb - clear­ly writ­ten with ex­cel­lent di­a­grams. … an el­e­gant so­lu­tion …”

I have just had a look at the new [user’s] guide.  Sim­ply ter­rif­ic!  Just the bee’s knees.

Jerry Holcomb, NØXWR

“It works slick … very clev­er en­gi­neer­ing …”

“… a great prod­uct …”

It works great and will make swap­ping mics easy.

Brian Denley, KB1VBF

“… it works great!”

“I have sev­er­al mics and the abil­i­ty to change the jump­ers eas­i­ly … al­lows me to use any of the mics with my K2.  My ex­pe­ri­ence with the qual­i­ty of the mic adap­tor was the ma­jor fac­tor in want­ing to buy the oth­er Re­work Elim­i­na­tor prod­ucts.”

B. Scott Andersen, NE1RD

“… your very cool mi­cro­phone con­fig­u­ra­tion board pushed me over the edge to out­fit the new K2 with phone.”

“… Ele­craft should in­cor­po­rate your de­sign … As­sem­bly of the IMA was quick and easy.  The cir­cuit board and parts are of high qual­i­ty … My [pre­vi­ous] re­marks … stand.  If any­thing, I’m more en­thu­si­as­tic.  … when I was fin­ish­ing up, to say I was “re­lieved” that I was just mov­ing around jump­ers and not sol­der­ing any­thing doesn’t even come close to cov­er­ing it!  Thanks again for a great prod­uct …”

“The prod­uct qual­i­ty is ex­cel­lent. … I can now change mics in min­utes …”

Jim Harris, WA4NTM

“… fan­tas­tic kits …”

Jim Brown, K5JAZ

Thanks for a great prod­uct.

Fred Jensen, K6DGW

“… works great … Nice de­sign.”

“I’d give you and Ken an "A" for a re­al­ly cool lit­tle add-on to the K2.  I used … a man­u­al wire­wrap tool to in­itial­ly wire my mic jump­er block, and it was a real pain …”

“… ex­cel­lent doc­u­men­ta­tion …”

“Once the IMA was plugged in it took less than 5 min­utes to con­vert from one mic to an­oth­er – now that’s sweet …”

Ed Kotz, AD7GR

“… that In­ter­nal Mic Adap­ter made it a dream build­ing [my lat­est] K2.

“All con­nect­ors and jump­ers are gold plat­ed.”

“… great doc­u­men­ta­tion.”

“… the doc­u­men­ta­tion is ex­cel­lent … A great ad­di­tion to any K2 …”

“… very clev­er … I can’t think of any oth­er ra­dio that can be con­fig­ured for just about any mi­cro­phone … in two min­utes flat …”

Gene Worth, WG7GW

“The IMA in­stalled quick­ly and smooth­ly.  … Count me a sat­is­fied cus­tom­er.”

“A per­fect so­lu­tion!  “Get one!”

“Won­der­ful prod­uct!!”

“The … In­ter­nal Mic adap­ter is a must in my opin­ion.”

Alan Latz, KA9UCP

“… a great ad­di­tion … It made life … a lot eas­i­er.”

“… clear in­struc­tions …”

“… a use­ful, high qual­i­ty ad­di­tion …”

“You have a great prod­uct that solves a real prob­lem.”

“My K2 is much bet­ter off be­cause of your prod­ucts …”

John Oglesby, N9RE

“It is a great kit.”


“… I loved the idea …”

“… I’m more than hap­py not to take the K2 apart again for re­work re­lat­ed to eve­ry mod­ule … It’s a great thing not re­quir­ing any dis­as­sem­bling when in­stall­ing the op­tions …”

Paul Lalibert, F3ET

“Con­grat­u­la­tions on the de­sign and first qual­i­ty print­ed boards, I wish I had them when I made my K2 …”

Deni Nayor, F5VJC

“… an ex­cel­lent kit, very clear and easy to com­plete … you guys have done a re­al­ly pro­fes­sion­al job in mak­ing this very use­ful kit …”

Pete Norman, G0PKS

“Thank you for the ex­cel­lent ser­vice.”

John Crux, G3JAG

“… it is in­val­u­able to fig­ur­ing out how the mod­ules re­late to the main sche­mat­ic.”  [RE: our col­or-cod­ed un-mod­ule diagram]

“There’s noth­ing to com­pare with the con­ven­ience …”

“My K2 is ful­ly load­ed, but there are times I want to play around and your Un-PCBs en­sure I don’t have to … poke tinned leads in­to gold plat­ed sock­etry …”

“Un-PCBs are an in­val­u­able tool …”

“… good idea … very use­ful … high qual­i­ty …”

Ray Spreadbury, G3XLG

“… the ser­vice from your Com­pa­ny is ab­so­lute­ly great!!”

“… a brilliant idea.  … get a set (or two) …”

Ted Turk, G7BQM

“Thanks for a beau­ti­ful­ly put to­geth­er and in­gen­ious proj­ect.”

“My first task … is to re­move the KNB2 and mess with the ca­pac­i­tor val­ues to try and re­duce the rack­et from the lat­est Pendolino trains we have run­ning here.  At least I’ll still be able to operate … if the job takes long­er than ex­pect­ed!”

“… eve­ry­thing worked as indi­cat­ed … no re­work has to be done and eve­ry op­tion plugs in and works …”

“… I was amazed at the out­stand­ing qual­i­ty … The [new rev. G] print­ed cir­cuit boards are fan­tas­tic … it beats me how they do it for the price.”

Jukka Tarvainen, OH4MFA

“It was af­ter I re­ceived the head­er kit, I got in­spi­ra­tion to re­pair my K2, which had prob­lem in T6 (pre­amp trans­form­er).  The Un­mod­ules re­al­ly helped in test­ing, be­cause there was no need to re­in­stall re­moved op­tions.”

Ken Alexander, VE3HLS

“… your unpcbs paid for them­selves big time when I in­stalled the K60XV board!  What a night­mare it would have been if that work wasn’t done dur­ing con­struc­tion!”

“The by­pass head­ers fit like OEM parts from Ele­craft.”

Michael Babineau, VE3WMB

“… your doc­u­men­ta­tion is ex­cel­lent.  … the very small ad­di­tion­al up­front ef­fort pays huge div­i­dends … a great prod­uct !”

Dallas James, VK3EB

“I’m very im­pressed with the de­tails and qual­i­ty of the boards, you have thought of eve­ry­thing …”

“I in­stalled each op­tion in­to the K2 in less than 5 min­utes!  No need to re­move the heat­sink, or add/re­move jump­ers and com­po­nents … just un­plug the re­work elim­i­na­tor and re­place it with your op­tion.  … I’m glad I used this approach.”

“You’ve de­signed a fine prod­uct and im­ple­ment­ed it very well.”

“I wince eve­ry time I un­sol­der some­thing from my K2.  Your kit is worth much more to me than you’re charg­ing for it.”

“… re­work elim­i­na­tors pro­vide ad­van­tag­es for all K2 own­ers …”

“… disassembly … is minimized … Rework Eliminators helped me get … on the air …”

Chuck Guenther, NIØC

“… your products … [will] save me from un­nec­es­sary dis­as­sem­bly and wear and tear on my new K2.”

“… Rework Eliminators … were a great help …”

“Thanks for your service …”

“Thanks … for an excellent product.”

“I can def­i­nite­ly see the value of doing the RE installation while building a new K2.”

Mike Murray, WØAG

“Thanks for fol­low­ing the Ele­craft tra­di­tion of excellent customer service!”

Ed Muns, WØYK

“You guys have done an exceptional job on this ac­ces­so­ry … it is … most valuable … for those who have yet to build their K2.”

John Gavan, WØGAV

“… you guys have produced some very fine boards!  … my compliments on some very nice work.”  [RE: our rev. G “Head­ers” PCB]

“I’d rec­om­mend the re­work elim­i­na­tor.  … It makes adding options much easier … you don’t have to re­work your ba­sic kit when you add a board.  You can al­so re­move an op­tion … to iso­late a prob­lem.”

“Another option that I highly recommend. … when you do build / add an option, you don’t have to do any rework …”

“… Rework Eliminators have been money very well spent.”

“… it was well worth it and went smooth as silk.”

B. Scott Andersen, NE1RD

“I love the whole rework eliminator concept!”
“I think it is brilliant!”

Mike Zak, W1MU

“The more I study your approach, the more impressed I am … It’s genius.  I built a K2 in 2002 (#2881) which I never really finished because of exactly the problem you solve – once you have a "base" K2 as­sem­bled you (I was, any­way) get re­al­ly re­luc­tant to crack it open to do the re-work.”

“Even­tu­al­ly I sold the K2 with the un­fin­ished op­tions … The K2 is … such a "clas­sic" that I de­cid­ed to build a sec­ond one … option-ready … It will be much more attractive to me doing it that way …”

“… the Re­work Elim­i­na­tors again showed their val­ue. … I had to re­move the DSP board … and I re­moved the SSB and noise blank­er … It took all of about 15 sec­onds to put the un­head­ers back in place of these boards …”

“… it made adding all of the internal options a breeze … I highly recommend them …”

Steve Barry, AE2G

“Thanks for the nice kit. … Good job guys!”

Dr. Robert Strickland, KE2WY

“When I built my K2 I used your Re­work­Elim­i­na­tors right from the start. … It was one of the best moves of the whole project.  I’ve used … them countless times as I’ve tin­kered around in­side the lit­tle gray box.  Much appreciated.”

“… they should be an in­clud­ed part of the K2 kit.  I can’t imag­ine work­ing on mine with­out them.”

Bill Coleman, N2BC

“… a big THANKS … for coming up with the K2 UNPCBs.  … I am using the heck out of them trying to diagnose a bug in my K2.  … I would have made a real mess pull­ing and re­plac­ing op­tions a bi­zil­li­on times.”

“FANTASTIC idea!!  Thanks for your in­ge­nu­ity and cre­a­tiv­i­ty … and shar­ing it with the K2 fam­i­ly.”

“An elegant solution … with professional execution from start to finish.”

Jim Marco, WB2LHP

“… I am re­al­ly pleased with the qual­i­ty … a re­al­ly nice ser­vice to the K2 com­mu­ni­ty …”

Dave Mueller, AA3EE

“… great product! … I re­al­ly like not hav­ing to go back and un­do what I’ve done to add the mod­ules.”

Craig Miller, K3OOL

“… thank you for mak­ing a nice, nifty product. … they’re a nice match for the K2.”

Bill McCann, K3UJ

“… your at­ten­tion to de­tail and cus­tom­er sat­is­fac­tion is sim­ply amaz­ing.  Thank you …”

“I was es­pe­cial­ly im­pressed with the … cir­cuit board (rev. G) … It is an excellent, well engineered product.”

“I re­cent­ly had prob­lems with the KSB2 … It was great … to do A/B comparisons and troubleshooting sim­ply by un­plug­ging the of­fend­ing mod­ule and [plug­ging] in the head­er PCB.”

Paul Mayo, W4MAY

“Love your product …”

“I strongly recommend the use of these after market products if you plan to add op­tions to your K2 in the fu­ture.”

“Thanks for your support on a great product.”

“… [they] make troubleshooting … easier.”

Greg McCain, KI4NVX

“Re­al­ly like the con­cept and your 'ex­e­cu­tion' is 1st class.”

“Get­ting down and close with the PCB’s just im­pressed me more.  The over­all qual­i­ty of the [new rev. G] boards and silk screen­ing was matched by the thor­ough di­rec­tions.”

“… I am very glad that I used the Re­work Elim­i­na­tor "un-mod­ules" as part of the in­itial K2 build proc­ess.”

“I am very glad I did some research on the Web to learn about this kit be­fore I start­ed my K2 build.”

Doug Shields, W4DAS

“… I was very im­pressed with your [new rev. G] board lay­out.  It is very well done.”

C. Dwight Baker, W4IJY

“The service you and Ken are providing is … amazing.  A real class act.”

Jim Harris, WA4NTM

“… fan­tas­tic kits …”

Robert “RC” Conley, KC5WA

“In terms of … val­ue … it’s … almost priceless”

John Porter, KD5EJA

“… thank you for a very handy prod­uct and all of the sup­port for it.”

“… the Re­work Elim­i­na­tor is a great prod­uct.  It came in handy when I need­ed to re­move the KDSP2 to ac­cess TP3.”

Gene Coldwell, Jr., WB5CTQ

“I wish I’d found you be­fore I start­ed the K2 …”

Fred Jensen, K6DGW

“… wish you had been around when I built my base K2.  Would have made the up­grades sooo much eas­i­er.”

Eric Jorgensen, KE6US

“… a nice com­mer­cial set for less than 20 bucks.  … very handy.  … I just grab the cor­rect one and in­stall it.”

Ward Willats, KG6HAF

“The kit looks great -- and your over-the-top pas­sion for qual­i­ty and a pro­fes­sion­al prod­uct does you guys great cred­it.”

“A bril­liant idea per­fect­ly im­ple­ment­ed.”

“The quality of the [rev. G] boards is excellent.”

“The RE boards … elim­i­nat­ed un­nec­es­sary re­work …”

“What a great feeling to just unplug the RE board, plug in the Elecraft Option and have it work … that really made it worthwhile.”

“The thought of mod­i­fy­ing the K2 dur­ing the con­struc­tion seemed like it would be dif­fi­cult.  With the RE doc­u­men­ta­tion it was not.  It just all fell in­to place.  The first time I plugged the fil­ter head­er in­to the Con­trol Board I knew I had made the right de­ci­sion to in­cor­po­rate the RE in­to my K2.”

“… mo­ney well spent … worth eve­ry pen­ny …”

Gary Marklund, KJ7RT

“Us­ing your kit was one of the best de­ci­sions … I kept thank­ing my self all dur­ing the K2 build proc­ess.”

“It’s a great prod­uct.”

“Don’t know if I’ll ac­tu­al­ly build an­oth­er K2 but wouldn’t con­sid­er it with­out your kit.  Made a world of dif­fer­ence on the one I built.

“… feel free to quote me.  I’m a believer.”

“I have Rework Eliminators in my K2 and I highly recommend them.”

“It’s a great idea. … very professional … they are bargain priced …”

“… use more su­per­la­tives to de­scribe the frus­tra­tion that will set in eve­ry time you have to dis­as­sem­ble the K2, and the risk for real board dam­age.”

“… very nice indeed.”  [RE: our rev. G “Head­ers” PCB]

“These kits are GREAT! … All I did was build the SSB op­tion and plug it in­to the ra­dio! … you will ap­pre­ci­ate how much work this elim­i­nates.”

“… the best idea I ev­er saw for build­ing my K2.”

Alan Latz, KA9UCP

“Hats off to you … for all the documentation you provide …”

Mike Casey, KC9ORD

“I have just fin­ished the 160m card for my K2 and as I read the in­struc­tions of what I would have to do to in­stall the card with out the Re­work Elim­i­na­tors in­stalled I say again THANK YOU.  There is no comparison.”

Bill Fruit, WA9ACP

“Thanks again for an excellent, well engineered product!”  [RE: our rev. G “Head­ers” PCB]

“… and for your superb customer service!”

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