Purchase 700 Hz K3 Filters

Purchase 700 Hz K3 Filters

Purchase 700 Hz K3 Filters

Purchase 700 Hz K3 Filters

700 Hz filter photo.
Credit N1JR

Due to their lim­it­ed pro­duc­tion vol­ume, these cus­tom fil­ters re­tail for $145 plus our de­fault ship­ping & han­dling charge.  The $5 sur­charge – over the stan­dard 8-pole fil­ter price – cov­ers the cost of ship­ping the batch from INRAD and the cost to in­sure your in­di­vid­u­al or­der.

See the Postage & Payment Choices page:
A) for the shipping and handling charge
for your QTH; and/or B) to pay by phone.


You need to be “au­thor­ized” to place an or­der.  (We do this so we don’t sell more fil­ters than we can de­liv­er.)

Please email the webmaster for au­thor­i­za­tion, and be sure to men­tion your call­sign and the num­ber of fil­ters you wish to pur­chase.  Oth­er­wise, we can­not prom­ise your paid or­der will be hon­ored.

Typ­i­cal­ly we will get back to you with­in six hours.

Once your call­sign has been “au­thor­ized”, you can pro­ceed to log­in and sub­mit your paid or­der.


Note that all let­ters are dis­played in up­per­case.

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